07 June 2011

Light As A Feather

As I revealed in a previous post, I've been into feather hair extensions recently. I've also been interested in feather themed jewelry lately. It brings out my earthy/hippie side.

Top Left: Arden B.
Top Right: Free People
Bottom Left: Express
Bottom Right: Forever 21

05 June 2011

Stacks Stacks Stacks

I love stacks, and I'm always very interested in seeing other people's stacks. My stack is basically a rotation of 5 or 6 of my favorite bracelets. The one bracelet that is always included is my silver spoon bracelet. My grandpa gave it to me a long time ago, and it looks great with almost everything. I generally wear 3 or 4 bracelets at a time. Here's a stack I'd love to own...

Middle: Kate Spade
Bottom: Sundance

03 June 2011

Someone Got A Little Scissor Happy

When the cut out sleeve trend first hit I wasn't so sure how I felt about it. However, it's definitely been growing on me. I'm always hesitant to purchase anything that's too trendy. I'm a broke college student, and I definitely don't have enough money to change my wardrobe every season. I normally try to make investments on classic pieces, but buying trendy clothes every now and then is a great way to keep things modern.

Left: I am absolutely in love with this top from Forever 21!
Right: This animal print top from Urban Outfitters would be great for a night out.

01 June 2011

All Laced Up!

I've always loved lace, but it's one of those materials that can go from classy to tacky very easily. When considering lace for an outfit or a purchase, always be mindful of it's potential tackiness. Generally white or black lace will look classier than hot pink lace. I personally love lace because it makes me feel so feminine! It's really the epitome of girly style.

Left: I'm in love with this dress from Miss Selfridge! It's so fun!
Right: This dress from Lulu's it so classic. Perfect for a wedding!

Left: I think this lace top from Forever 21 would go great with a blazer, jeans, and a colorful ribbon necklace.
Right: This Lulu's top is so fun and flirty for the summer!

Although I don't normally go for jewelry this big, I really love this lace bangle from Anthro.