24 February 2011

Thirsty Thursday

In college, the weekend starts on Thursday. Proper going out attire is a must in every college student's wardrobe. Girls in dorms across the nation will spend countless hours trying to formulate the perfect going out outfit every weekend. Those of you that aren't in college or aren't keen on going out might think this is the same as picking a regular outfit. NOT. Deciding what to wear when going out is nearly a science. Many factors other than "is this cute?" determine the best going out attire.

Now I'm not a huge partier, but when a girl's gotta dance she's just gotta dance. My best friend is coming to visit for the weekend, and we do it right whenever she's in town. Go big or go home is our motto. So in light of this, I thought I'd give my opinion on what makes to perfect going out attire.

Some cardinal rules that I use to pick an outfit for the night:

1. Can I dance in this? Even if you're not sure that you'll be dancing, it's a good idea to be prepared. If you meet a cute guy or your all time fav song comes on you'll want to work it.

2. Will I get too hot/will this show sweat? I learned this very quickly during my freshman year of college. No matter how cold it is outside, even if it's the dead of winter, you will be HOT at the party/bar/club. Drinking alcohol alone will make you warm. Add tons of other drunk people and hours of dancing and you've got a recipe for sweat. Tank tops and black clothes are what I stick with to avoid this issue.

3. Will I be devastated if this gets covered in beer? For college students this is a regular occurrence when going out. Underage drinkers tend to be sloppy and will spill on you. This becomes less of an issue as you grow older, but for now leave that $200 skirt at home.

4. Will I be drinking beer? This may seem like a strange question, but hear me out. The carbonation in beer tends to give people a bloated feeling. When you're flirting with that gorgeous guy at the bar, do you really want to feel like your stomach is sticking out? I like to solve this problem with tops and dresses that fit looser around the waist. Like a flowy top with a bodycon skirt.

5. Where will I put my essentials? Things like ID, keys, phone, and money are essential to most nights out. The trouble is no one wants to lug a purse around when they're dancing. And leaving your coat or purse unattended at a table or in the back room of a house party can be very sketchy. The answer: wristlet! Invest in a wristlet just big enough to hold your phone, money, ID, and keys. It'll save your life. You can comfortably keep it on your wrist while you dance, and your stuff is practically guaranteed safe. Other options are pockets and your bra. I personally don't like reaching in my bra for things.

Here's some examples of things I'd wear out:

P.S. I recommend investing in a little black dress and sandals you can dress up or down.

22 February 2011

An Early Spring

In true southern fashion, Spring has sprung very early this year, and Clemson, South Carolina is the best place to enjoy this amazing weather. If you've never been to Clemson, then you're missing out! The campus if full of green fields, flowers, trees, and very close to Lake Hartwell. It's truly picturesque!

This lovely weather has had me pulling out my spring and summer clothes from the depths of my closet. Although I love winter and layering lovely scarves with cute coats and sweaters...it's time for warmer weather. My tank tops have been neglected for far too long.

Here's some items that I am dying to add to my wardrobe this season!

Blog Rookie

This is my first ever blog post on my first ever blog! How exciting?

I thought I'd use my first post to showcase a look book of my style. The things a covet and stalk online and in stores. The things that just scream CK (that's me in case you were wondering).

Speed Limit 98 heels from Lulus.com
Take a Bough Jewelry Holder from ModCloth.com
Leaf tunic from Minxshop
True Blue Flower ring from Nafsika